Solar Eclipse Ritual


It’s that time of the year again folks, eclipse season! July 2nd, 2019 we will have our first solar eclipse of the year, landing on the same evening as the New Moon lands in Cancer. In the UK, our eclipse takes place at 8.24pm, if you are in another time zone click here to check your eclipse local time.

Astrological events open up windows of opportunity where accelerated growth is available. Make the most of auspicious dates by acknowledging them by offering a small ritual. 

The word ‘ritual’ derives from the Latin ‘ritualis’ which means ‘relating to (religious) rites’. I like to say that a rite is a way to put things right, thus a ritual is a way to make amends, heal, realign, forgive and give thanks. 

New Moon in Cancer

The new moon is the optimal time to plant seeds of intention. It is when sparks of inspiration and ideas are ripe for the plucking from the divine mind of the creator. By silencing the mind and allowing creativity to rise, ideas will flow in abundance. Be still to perceive what is ready to be birthed from within your soul. 

When the moon is in Cancer, we have a double whammy water effect. We are all well aware of how the moon influences our emotions, especially so when paired with one of the three water signs.

This means if emotional healing is required then you are bound to be met with triggers that allow inner turmoil to rise to the surface for clearing. If you have been consistently doing your inner work and life is currently dandy then hone in on this energy to get even more productive. Stagnation is shifted by the flowing of water. 

Solar Eclipse

During the Solar Eclipse, the Sun appears to be swallowed by the Moon. This is a very feminine time. Your intuition should be spot on and you may even have premonitions or strange dreams. Don’t let anyone put your fire out at this time, you may be extra sensitive and emotional but use this as a tool to go deeper within.

So, what type of ritual is good during a Solar Eclipse?

This eclipse is a perfect opportunity to honor the union of the divine feminine and masculine. These archetypal energies are the two major dualistic forces that reside in each and every one of us. The marriage/union of these energies allows us to become a whole human being, it is key to achieving spiritual enlightenment.

Here are some ideas of how you can participate in marking the special evening of the solar eclipse:

1. Take a ritual bath to cleanse your energy – use a handful of sea salt and a handful of bicarbonate of soda and a few sprigs or rosemary.

2. Take a bowl of water outside, write down your wishes on a small piece of paper and place them into the bowl.

Throw in the head of a Sunflower and the head of a Moonflower (or any white flower if this is unobtainable), ask that the powers of the sun and moon fuel your wishes.

Leave it out overnight.

The next morning, stare into the water (scrying) and ask to see how you can make this dream a reality.

Let your gaze go out of focus and trust any ideas, visions or words that come to mind.

Toss out the water, and place the flower heads on the ground as a mark of gratitude for the blessings you are about to receive.  

And finally, see if you can get someone to read out this visualisation to you so that you can internalize the great cosmic energies that dance in union in the night sky. 

At the time of the eclipse stand outside even if you can’t visibly see the sky.

With your face looking upwards, place your hands in the prayer position and chant SOL RA 7 times.

Imagine a giant glowing sun descending down from the sky and entering your crown chakra, settling into the heart.

Looking up at the sky once again chant LU NA (loonahhhh) 7 times.

Now imagine a silver moon descending from the sky, entering your crown chakra and settling into your heart.

See the sun and moon, masculine and feminine swirling in your heart chakra, notice if one energy dominates the other, or whether they are in balance. If they are not inbalance ask “what fears are dominating me?” and “What parts of myself do I need to reveal more of?”.

When you have your answers, see the radiant sunlight and the silver moonlight come into complete balance in your heart center, then spreading through each of your chakras gently blessing them one by one with healing celestial energies.

Think of a person or cause that you would like to send some of this lovely energy to. 

Give thanks to the Sun God RA and the Moon Goddess Luna. 

Imagine your chakras closing over.

As above so below.

As below so above. 

Enjoy loves xx


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