For this workshop you will need;

  • Tarot cards
  • 3 candles in resonant colours
  • Sage or cleansing spray
  • a small offering e.g. some tobacco or an apple 
  • 3 pieces of paper and a pen 

Write down three titles on the top of your pieces of paper;

• Personal life

• Travel

• Business

I do this every new years eve. What I would like to achieve in my Personal life, where I would like to travel to and what I would like to achieve in my business for the coming year. I also do a tarot spread.

This is my personal New years eve tarot ritual, that I am sharing with you so you can incorporate a little bit of magick into your new year.

Take your tarot cards and pick a card that represents you now – Using myself as an example, I always come out as the queen of wands. She is a fire sign, she likes an adventure, she likes to travel and always has new ideas.

Now choose a card that you would like to become in 2018 from the deck. I am picking the queen of pentacles, she is very grounded and stable. She is organised and very committed to providing financially for her family.

It would help me to incorporate some of her energy into my life as I can often get carried away. I have a lot of creative ideas, and some of her energy will help me to put these ideas into action.

Now ask the cards what do I need to do to bridge the gap ?(between my queen of wands energy and the queen of pentacles energy.)

Using myself as an example – I have pulled the ten of swords. The ten of swords is all about endings, which is perfect as it is the end of 2017. This card is telling to become more grounded and focused, that I need to be consistent in seeing things through to completion. Incidentally I have 4 books that need finishing! I need to complete things and get rid of unfinished business. Tie up my loose ends. Leave the past behind, trusting and having no fear that the sun is going to rise.

You can pull a second card if you like.

I’ve got the queen of cups. She is very loving and emotional woman, she represents balance between my emotions and purifying. Purification, doing what fills me up, that will make me more committed to my personal goals.  Put these cards together.

We can always make improvements to ourselves because we are in a constant state of evolution.

Pull two cards for each of your written headings. Go through the deck and choose the cards that you want for each category, this is tarot magick.

Write down in you personal section all that you would like to achieve.

Again using myself as an example;

For my personal life I have chosen the ten of cups, it is the happy family card. I would like to spend more quality time with my husband and kids and enjoying each other and our home life.

I have also chosen the empress. She has the planet of love Venus wrapped around her and she is the fertility card, now I don’t want any more children (although she would work well if you did) but I want to reap what I sow and bear fruit in everything in my personal life.

pick two cards that work for you.

Repeat for your Travel section.Ive chosen the world and the eight of the wand. These both represent travel to me, pick what represents travel to you.

In the travel section write down where you want to travel in 2018.  Last year I really wanted to go on a wizard walk and a meditation in a nearby cave. Put the little things on as well as 1 or 2 big bucket list holidays, they are just as important. I like to tick them off as I go through the year. Try to make it achievable, so you believe that you can actually go to these places and the little places are just as important.

Repeat for business/work. I have put the ace of wands and the ace of pentacles. ace of pentacles is opportunities to make more money and the ace of wands is inspiration that helps one to achieve pay rises and promotions. Choose the cards that resonates with you.

Then write down what you want to achieve in your business in 2018.

Pick two cards that represent what you want in your business or work section for the year ahead.

Take your candles – use colours that resonate with you. Pick three different colours one for each section. I have chosen orange for my personal life, blue for my travel, and red for my business/work section.

I have chosen orange for my personal life as they represent joy and happiness. Hold the wick in your left hand and the bottom of the candle in your right hand. Imagine that you are infusing all of your wishes and love that you have just written down into the candle. Visualise it all going into the candle. You can also carve or inscribe a word into the candle, I am writing joy and family.

Get your essential oils – I am using a almond oil, rose and geranium oil blend. Rub it on the candle, just like you are infusing all your wishes into the oil and the candle. Leave your cards, personal life section and candle in your sacred or altar space, with the cards standing up. Light your candle.

As you light your candle know that you are making a commitment to your wishes that you wrote down. Leave your candle to burn in a safe space, it will send your wishes out into the universe, whatever you want to bring in.

You can also leave your offering – you can use anything you like, herbs, tobacco, crystals, food. I am using tobacco.

Repeat this ritual for the travel and the business/work sections.  You then have three sets of candles, tarot cards and your writings. Leave the candles to burn.

The best time to do this is now all the way up the 2nd at 3.30am when the moon is at its fullest. You don’t have to copy this word for word, doing this you have planted your seeds of action, if you don’t make change it will never happen.

Make little baby steps and keep working toward your goals and dreams everyday. We often go through cycles where everything goes to rubbish. You can do this ritual at any time of year to help you start again and refocus on your goals and wishes.

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