The Spirit of Samhain


The Spirit of Samhain

Have you recently had an increased awareness in the spirit world? As we sit on the threshold of the holy day of Samhain ‘Summers end’ the veil between words it at its thinnest; Making this a primal time to communicate with ancestors and loved ones that have crossed the Antahkarana (Sanskrit term for Rainbow Bridge).

I awoke this morning at 4.44 am. Although 444 is my all-time favourite angel number, I was bemused by the fact I was awake so early. As I lay in the darkness, I felt a familiar presence followed by a gentle feather-like stroke caress the side of my cheek.  Instinctively, I expanded my aura in defence, quickly applying a layer of Christ light to ensure that I was protected, just in case. I then went on to explore, who this being was. The loving visitor was indeed my Nan, Jenny. She gave me a personal message, a piece of  ‘advice’ which after sharing with my husband his reply was ‘That is a typical thing for her to say’. I rolled over to the edge of the bed, ready to climb out when I felt something cold press against my skin. It was a 5p piece. How on earth did that get there I puzzled? Then it dawned on me, it was a confirmation from my Nan. Back in 1990, when the new 5p piece came into circulation my Nan began to collect them in a large jam jar. Once the jar was full, she would give it to me. Every few months I would excitedly be cashing in my loot, it felt like a lot of money to a little girl of 8 years old!

Have you felt the presence of Spirit?

I wondered, how many people were, like me, experiencing extra visits at this renowned time of Samhain.

Have you had any recent dreams of a loved one in Spirit? Have you come across their personal calling cards – an item that they loved, their favourite song, or like me, physically felt or seen someone across the planes of existence? Even the act of reading this blog could indeed indicate that a loved one in Heaven is, in fact, sending you their love along with a little message of ‘Hello’.

If you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to the following you may next be wondering, what you can do to reach back out yourself. The night of Samhain (31st Oct) or indeed, All Souls day (1st Nov) grant you the perfect window opening of an opportunity to honour and even communicate with your physically deceased loved ones. The veil between worlds that famously parts way on this potent night doesn’t reside in our physical world. Contrary to what we have been taught – that the souls of the dead don’t walk the Earth upon this night, it is indeed through a portal WITHIN us that we receive the invitation to merge worlds, should we wish?

It is with the inner eye, the gate of the Third Eye chakra that momentarily parts, allowing previously unseen domains into our vision, enabling stronger communication skills with heightened receptivity.

Angels of Samhain

Holy Amethyst

The Archangels that I will be working with this Samhain are Archeia Holy Amethyst – the female Archangel of Clairvoyance who can awaken and cleanse the lens of your Third Eye chakra gate.

And Archangel Azrael – the angel who guides you as your soul exits the body upon your physical death. He can successfully carry messages of love and wisdom from your ancestors should you be wary or afraid of tuning into them directly. He will create a vessel, a container to keep you safe, only allowing wanted souls into your space.

Samhain Ritual Offering

The ancient festival of Samhain (pronounced sow wen) marks the descent into the darker days of the year. Darkness is represented by the sacred feminine. It is a time to withdraw into ourselves, to rest and recover, to tap into our innate wisdom until we are ready to be rebirthed once the light returns.

Mark this turn of the season by realising what within you is ready to die? What is no longer serving your greatest good? Once you have journaled out the answers, ask your ancestors on the night of Samhain to help you shed your skin.

Try this exercise:

You will need:

A food offering for your loved ones in Spirit – perhaps their favourite cake, or drink.

A dried bundle of sacred herbs for burning (local from your area), such as Lavender, Sage, Rosemary.

A black candle.

Pen and Paper.

Set some time aside to get clear on what you wish to release at this time. Flesh it out onto paper.

Place your offering down in front of you along with your ritual items.

Light your herbs (be fire safe) and pass the smoke through your aura and over your items to bless them.

Invoke Archangel Azrael (or your chosen protector) to create a container of light around you.

Light the candle saying ‘I light this candle in the name of Archangel Azrael and …(state the names of your loved ones in Spirit) thank you for shining a beacon of light to guide and illuminate my thinking as I dispell my darkness’.

Taking the paper, begin to rip it up, with each tear state out loud when you are releasing ‘I release…’

Once again, light your bundle of cleansing herbs and allow the smoke to pass over you and your items.

Take your shredded paper and your offerings outdoors.

Place them on the ground, intending that Mother Earth transmutes the contents of your paper.

Place your food on the ground (not in wrappers) and say thank you to your ancestors. 

Back inside, relight your candle (don’t leave unattended) and gaze into flame focusing your awareness on your brow.

Trust any images of guidance that comes to mind.

Close down your Third Eye by imaging it as a purple rose gently closing its petals.

Enjoy, Love Claire.

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