Sturgeon Full Moon Ritual


The sturgeon full moon appears this year on 15th August 2019. Full moons have been regarded as special days since the beginning of time, the ancients before us knew the magic and wisdom that could be tapped into during these potent days. 

Each month, the Full Moon is influenced by the astrological sign in which the Sun is in, this month our Sturgeon Moon lands under the canopy of Aquarius. Aquarius, the water bearer, pours a healing elixir from her water pitchers of finely balanced energies, gifting us with the opportunity to rinse through any psychic debris to ensure that we are balanced in our yin and yang. She adds to the influence of abundance from the moon.

What to expect during the Sturgeon Moon

Heightened emotions – whether you experience the stirrings of love and compassion, the releasing of gentle tears or to feeling totally bombarded and stifled by the intensity of others this day (and one either side) is a great time to schedule some time alone. Take time to reflect upon all the abundance that is around you right now and share what you can with those you love. In general, this is quite a peaceful period, you may be feeling quite creative and generous. 

Other Names of this Moon

I call this moon the Sturgeon Moon, this name was placed by the Native Americans who associated this month with the bounty of fish (sturgeon) in the rivers.

However the title varies from culture to culture and the Sturgeon moon is also named The Grain Moon, The Green Corn Moon and The Red Moon (haze of the hot summer nights). All of these labels have one thing in common – a reaping of abundance, this time of year was the season of plenty. 


A Ritual Blessing for the Sturgeon Full Moon

Fish of plenty:

Fish are well known to be associated with spirituality – especially representing Jesus, The Age of Pisces and The miracles of Christ. I will be celebrating this full moon by making a fish sigil – to ensure the of abundance throughout winter months.


You Will Need:

A piece of white paper

A blue crystal such as Aquamarine, Celestite, Turquoise, Blue Howlite, or Blue Lace Agate.

A blue piece of cotton

A Golden marker pen

A blue crayon

2 drops of Clove oil



On the night of the full moon (or whenever you can) place all of your items down in front of you and close your eyes and relax.

Focus upon the rise and fall of your breath, centring your energies in the present moment. Call in Archangel Haniel- the female angel of the moon.

Say her name three times and ask her to expand her white silvery moonlit wings around you keeping you safe.

Place your hands over your items and state “Moon Light, Shine Bright, bless these items this sacred night” visualise the moonlight surrounding your items with her mystical magical aura.

Take the paper and with the crayon lightly draw pictures and words of what you wish to secure the reaping of throughout the winter – what do you need in plenty? These can be practical items or whatever you require.

When you have finished, colour in the entire sheet – hiding all of the words and pictures under the wax of the crayon (wax seals in your wish).

Next, take the Golden marker (don’t worry if it isn’t very bright on the wax) and draw the symbol of the fish – this plentiful symbol will add to the success of the spell.

Taking your crystal in your fingers, trace over the fish three times CLOCKWISE and say “Fish of plenty, abundance blue, keep my supplies lofty all winter through” Thank you.

Let three drops of the oil drip onto the sheet and fold it over as small as you can make it.

Tie the cotton around the sheet making it wrap around it three times.

Place your fish of plenty bundle under each full moon for the next 3 moons before you discard of it.

Let me know how your full moon magic goes, Moonbeams Claire x

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