Top 3 Ways To Manifest Love

By Claire Stone

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1. Use The Law of Attraction – This spiritual law teaches us that what we think about the most, and what we believe dictates what we manifest as our physical reality. If you have beliefs such as “I will never find the right person”, “All the best people are taken” or even if you joke and say to friends “I will be a crazy cat lady” then that is what will become. You are in charge of your destiny. Your destiny takes instructions from your thoughts, words, and deeds (actions). Examine your thinking, and then reframe it. Even if you need to good old ‘fake it till you make it’ tell the universe “thank you for bringing great love into my life” or “I am so excited to meet my future partner that is on his / her way to me now”. Think happy thoughts about meeting someone, and above all, love and cherish yourself. If you do not think loving thoughts about yourself or believe that you are not worthy then you will either push people away completely or even worse, you may attract a lover that does not respect you. Every time you look into the mirror say “I am loveable”. It sounds cheesy but this stuff works! Your thoughts and emotions are energy, and your vibe attracts your tribe!

2. Call upon the Angels – The angels of romance, soul mates and self-love are Archangel Chamuel and Lady Charity. Call them in and ask them to give your heart a blessing. These divine beings will help to orchestrate behind the scenes ensuring that the perfect person for you will cross your path in divine timing. Here are their affirmations. If possible, light a pink candle before you state them out loud. 

“Archangel Chamuel” x3,” My heart is overflowing with love, all around, below and above” x3

“Lady Charity bring to me a love lasting an eternity” x3 

Archangel Chamuel- Lady Charity- who are the angels of love- soul mates

3. Use Crystals – Again, everything is energy. Crystals and gemstones have specific properties. Here are the following stones that you could wear as jewellery or pop into your pocket to help to infuse your aura with their energetic vibration of love and attraction.

Whichever appeals to you the most will be the perfect crystal for you.

  1. Classic, Rose Quartz.
  2. Rhodonite.
  3. Rhodochrosite.
  4. Petalite.
  5. Red Jasper.
  6. Green Aventurine.

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Heartfelt wishes, Claire.

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