Wolf Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Insights

With Claire Stone.

The early hours of Monday, Jan 21st 2019 (UK), the night owls or early birds can witness a rare celestial conjunction.

The alignment of Sun, Moon and Earth will showcase a spectacular ‘Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse’ and a Super Moon (closer to the earth, appearing larger).

This activity will occur during our Full WOLF Moon starting at about 2.30am as the Moon travels through the shadows of the Earth.

This astronomical event will last for over 5 hours with the best time to view in the UK being at about 5.15 am, according to RMA.CO.UK.

So in layman’s terms what does this Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Wolf Full Moon, Super Moon (phew) mean for us in terms of energetic influence and our spiritual ascension?

Well, you can be sure that each of us will be affected by this lunacy on some level. Lets kick this off with the Wolf element.

The Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon refers to the first full moon of the year, which falls in January. At this time of year, our ancient ancestors were cold and hungry, the land still barren in the midst of winter.

It is said that this Moon got her name from the wolves howling in hunger at this time of scarcity. It was a very primal time, a time of survival.

This relates to me, how?

This is an opportune moment to go within and ask, what is your primal nature calling for? Which of your needs have you been neglecting?

Secondly, the wolf medicine brings you your pack. This can mean your blood relations or your soul family.

Being surrounded by your tribe at this period of time empowers you during times of endurance.

Super Moon

The Super Moon is an amplified version of the Full Moon.

Total Lunar Eclipse

As I stated earlier, this is the line up of Sun, Earth and Moon. We may find that we need to readdress balance within our relationships, our diet, work and play.

Old wounds arise from the subconscious, ready to be cleared with wisdom and enlightenment.

Again, Blood Moon is another primal time, it links us to ancestors, family and our Root Chakra.

How to make the most of this auspicious date

  • Spend quality time with your tribe.
  • If you have itchy feet or a burning desire, make plans, how can you satisfy your wolf hunger?
  • Meditate.
  • Write down your dreams.
  • Make a list of what has to go and burn it.
  • Access your life and how you can address imbalance.
  • Do shadow work.
  • If old wounds arise and your feeling worse for wear, clear your energy. Have a salt bath, sage your home, book a healing session.
  • Work with Cacao to clear the heart.
  • Work on strengthening the Root Chakra.
  • Work with Moonstone crystals or Red Crystals.
  • Clear ancestral karma.

If you are prone to headaches, insomnia and fatigue during full moons then lay off artificial stimulants and ensure that you take the time to ground your energy morning and night.

Weather permitting, I will be going outdoors to watch the eclipse. But if it’s too early for you, or you can’t get out for some reason then set an intention before you go to sleep. Invoke Archangel Haniel, the Moon angel, and ask her to bring you revelations in your dreams. You may not recall them right away but they will come back to you in the perfect moment.

The next Wolf Super Blood Moon Eclipse is said to fall in 2037, so if your reading this, be sure to make the most of this super loony time.

Enjoy, and please let me know in the comments how you intend to spend this time.

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