Black Moon rituals are a must-try for anyone who uses magic to create their own destiny. This is a super, amazing auspicious date, a cheeky extra opportunity to get your last minuite summer wishes in to the universe!

What is the Black Moon?

The black moon is the term given to a second New Moon that arrives in one calander month. Lucky us!

If you are used to cycling with the moon you will be well aware of the potential in the air on and around the days of the New Moon, so to have two in one month is a rare opportunity for double your luck!

When is there a Black Moon?

The next Black Moon falls on Weds 31st July 2019. This new Moon is influenced under the sign of Leo- absolutely perfect if the current Retrograde has left you needing your second wind!

The 31st of July is also when we are about to experience a turn around in events, no more paddling upstream! With Mercury Retrograde coming to an end things should be plain sailing from now on.

Black Moon Ritual

Yeah baby, you know I am performing a black moon ritual on this day for sure! After all, it was not by chance that I chose this date (out of the entire year) to deliver my entire book manuscript to my publisher Hay House. At exactly 11.11 am I will be pressing the send button, right after I have done this:

Think of something in your life that needs an extra hit of energy, where are things unproductive that you would like to get moving?


On the wings of an angel

You will need:

A mirror

A piece of Selenite or Moonstone

2 White Feathers

A White Candle

A White Envelope

The night before the New Moon, leave all of your items in view of the moonlight, either outside or on the window ledge. This will super charge them.

*On the day of the New Moon- The Black Moon, sage down all of your ingredients so that they are pure in energy.

*Upon lighting your white candle call upon Archangel Haniel, the Angel of the Moon to assist in success of your ritual and for angelic protection.

“Angel of the Moon, Haniel shine bright, bring this wish to me, into my sight, upon the wings of an angel this wish I send, may this project see through to the very end”

*Holding your crystal in your left hand, close your eyes and allow yourself to daydream your perfect scenario, how do you feel when your wish is a reality?

*Place one feather into the envelope and seal it saying:

“My wish now sealed under the new moonlight, Haniel keep it safe until the time is right”

*Very carefully use some of the candle wax to make a seal on the back of the envelope.

*When it is dry, carve a cross onto it for protection.

*Place the envelope facing a mirror, or so that it can be seen in the reflection of a mirror, this will double your blessings.

*Keep the remaining feather somewhere that you will come into contact with it each day – such as in your purse. Use it as a reminder that your wish is on its way, arriving on the wings of an angel.

                                                                                                                                                   Enrique Meseguer

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