5 03, 2020

March Full Worm Moon Ritual


∇ March Full Worm Moon Ritual Δ CLAIRE STONE   March Full Worm Moon Ritual. March full worm moon ritual. Did you know, that this month's full moon, the Worm Moon / Storm Moon / Sap Moon, is to be the most powerful moon of this year! I appreciate that every full moon is a potent time. But read on

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5 02, 2020

Snow Moon


Snow Moon Full Moon Ritual February's full moon lands on Sunday 9th at 7.33 am GMT (other time zones click HERE). This months supermoon is known as the Snow Moon due to the ground usually being covered in snow at this time of year. In other traditions it is known as the Storm Moon, again down to the weather and

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5 10, 2019

Clear the Past Full Moon in Aries Ritual


Clear your Past Aries Full Moon Ritual CLAIRE STONE Clear your Past Aries Full Moon Ritual. The full moon is always an opportunity to reflect and readdress the balance in our lives. At this powerful time of the month, the Sun and Moon are directly opposite each other. This can wreak havoc on your perspectives, leaving you feeling indecisive or

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14 08, 2019

The Sturgeon Full Moon Ritual


Sturgeon Full Moon Ritual CLAIRE STONE The sturgeon full moon appears this year on 15th August 2019. Full moons have been regarded as special days since the beginning of time, the ancients before us knew the magic and wisdom that could be tapped into during these potent days.  Each month, the Full Moon is influenced by the astrological sign in

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14 06, 2019

Strawberry Full Moon 17th June.


Strawberry Full Moon 17th June 2019 BY CLAIRE STONE On Monday 17th June, our Strawberry Full Moon will be bulging with sweet juicy energies. This could be just the tonic needed after last month's full moon which had an unpredictable influence over our emotions, leaving many of us feeling slightly disheveled and mentally up in the air. Fortunately, the fresh

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18 04, 2019

Easter Full Moon Ritual 2019, with Claire Stone.


Happy Easter beautiful souls! As we approach Easter this weekend, we also have the Full Pink Moon in Libra (Fri 19th) which is really increasing the intensity of energies backing whatever we may be hoping to manifest at this prosperous time. Easter is a paradoxical time of both death and birth. It reminds us that beginnings and endings are in

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